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ZoneTimer will display timer on your screen that indicates how long you've been in your current zone. It can also be set to ignore any zoning that occurs to act like a normal timer.

Load ZoneTimer via the Console or in game with “load zonetimer” or ”//load zonetimer” respectively. Please note that ZoneTimer will only work with Windower v3.4 or higher.

The display is very customizable. Use “zt <command> <arguments>” or “zonetimer <command> <arguments>” to change ZoneTimer's look to suit you. Not all commands require arguments; optional portions of commands and arguments are indicated by brackets ([ and ]).

setpos x[ y]
setposx x
setposy y

Sets the position of the timer display. Negative x and y values will position the display from the right and bottom, respectively. Default is x:350, y:0.

setfont "name"[ size]
setfontname "name"
setfontsize size

Sets the font face and size of the display. The font face must be enclosed in double-quotes. Default is Tahoma at 12pt.

setbold [true/yes/on/1|false/no/off/0]

Turns on or off the bold setting of the display. If no argument is given, it acts as a toggle. Default is off.

setitalic [true/yes/on/1|false/no/off/0]

Turns on or off the italic setting of the display. If no argument is given, it acts as a toggle. Default is off.

setcolor r[ g[ b[ a]]]
setcolorr[ed] r
setcolorg[reen] g
setcolorb[lue] b
setcolora[lpha] a

Sets the color of the display's text. Default is r:255, g:255, b:255, a:255.

setbgcolor r[ g[ b[ a]]]
setbgcolorr[ed] r
setbgcolorg[reen] g
setbgcolorb[lue] b
setbgcolora[lpha] a

Sets the background color of the display. Default is r:0, g:0, b:0, a:160.


Resets the timer back to zero. Good for when entering BC fights since you don't actually zone for them. Also comes in handy if you're making use of the next command.

ignorezone [true/yes/on/1|false/no/off/0]

Sets whether zoning is ignored or not. If no argument is given, it acts as a toggle. Default is off. Good for allowing it to be used as a general timer or a “how long have I been waiting for an invite?” timer.

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • Recompiled and bumped version up to 1.1


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